Why Is Golf Apparel So Dorky?

Why Is Golf Apparel So Dorky?

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Golf apparel is among the dorkiest clothing that is known to man, yet golf is one of the coolest games known to man—why the disconnect?
Well that is what I would like to explore in the following piece. Keep reading and see if you agree with my ramblings.

So many of the best golfers in the game are real big dorks right? I mean you can totally see why to, they have never had to do anything in life but play a game and they have been spoon fed by their mommies since day one. They don’t know what real life is about and that some people have had to work hard for not a lot of money and not everyone gets to have world class golf instruction from day one. They really are pretty ignorant and this, it is my contention, is what makes them among the biggest dorks that there is. So if these sorts of people are wearing a certain attire, that would make golf apparel pretty bad wouldn’t it?

I mean really, who wears black and white shoes anymore except out on the links? Who wears dress shorts with shoes and socks? Only golfers really and it is right in line with the rest of the golf apparel scene. There is no sensible reason other than these guys wake up in the morning and have their clothes laid out for them by there mommies, or wives which are really no better, and they put them on without even thinking. Why should they have to think, they make more money than the rest of us and so if wearing dorky clothes is what they must do than that is what they must do.

Now the real question is why doesn’t the general public see this problem and boycott all golf apparel until it becomes cool? Why do we put up with the fashion mishaps that we get by trusting a bunch of lily butts and their mommies for the clothes that we wear on the golf course? I am here to institute a new dress code that allows things like t shirts and sweat pants out on the course so that the rest of us can feel comfortable when we golf rather than all uptight, from being in clothes that make us real dorks.