Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Irish T-shirts and Apparel

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Irish T-shirts and Apparel

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Whether you’re Irish or simply love Irish traditions and holidays, St. Patrick’s Day brings Irish cheer to many people around the world.
St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of all things Irish, commemorated on March 17 when many families gather and serve cabbage, corned beef, and delightful mint chocolate pies. Some cities even celebrate by changing entire bodies of water to the color green to remember the beloved St. Patrick.

The holiday also sparks a tradition of shopping for and wearing Irish t-shirts and apparel, usually the color green. People celebrate by wearing cute Irish accessories and fun clothing to create humor on the holiday.

Brief History of St. Patrick’s Day

The holiday remembers St. Patrick, one of Ireland’s patron saints. St. Patrick was born to a family of aristocrats in Whales and was set on course to become a priest. He was captured at 16 years of age and taken to Ireland by Irish raiders. For six years, he was held captive, but was also able to grow spiritually during this time. He believed he heard the voice of God commanding him to leave Ireland, so he escaped to Britain after walking hundreds of miles.

He became a priest and returned to Ireland, knowing that many citizens of Ireland were pagans at the time. He created the famous Celtic Cross and used some of the Irish customs he had learned to celebrate Easter. Many people believe St. Patrick died on March 17 in 461 AD. His legend grew in Ireland and the UK as the man who single-handedly spread Christianity throughout Ireland during his day. Perhaps the most famous legendary story about St. Patrick is that he drove out snakes while in Ireland. Though this story is probably not true, many Irishmen claim that a snake cannot be found in Ireland!

Celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day

Today, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated around the world. In Ireland, it was once a religious holiday, but is now used to draw millions of tourists each year with parades, fireworks, and live entertainment. In America, there are parades, Irish dances and jigs, Irish singing, wearing Leprechaun-themed outfits, clovers with three leaves, and more. The holiday is celebrated with a day of prayer by many Irish Catholic families. St. Patrick’s Day is often called by a nickname, St. Paddy’s Day. There are even products and icons designed specifically for the holiday such as Paddy the loveable Leprechaun, which can be bought in various themes like Cop Paddy, Firefighter Paddy, or Cowboy Paddy.

St. Patrick’s Day Online Shopping

Those wanting to celebrate “St. Paddy’s Day” can find great items online for the occasion. There are Leprechaun crafts and gifts. For work or school, lots of people wear Irish T-shirts and apparel. For the true fan, there are even Paddy mugs, mouse pads, teddy bears, pillows, buttons, and tote bags. One custom is to wear green so you won’t get pinched. These items have plenty of green for protection!

St. Patrick’s Day offers a fun-filled holiday of remembrance for everyone, young or old. It’s a day focused on an important turning point in Irish history, but is celebrated by people of all descents.