Shirt Printing Companies in Lubbock

Shirt Printing Companies in Lubbock

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Thinking of using a shirt printing company and live in the Lubbock area? Here you will find the companies that offer that service. If you are looking to start your own shirt printing company, you will also find some of the competition.

California T’s is a shirt printing company in Lubbock that offers a wide variety of services including pre-printed shirts, embroidery and custom shirts. They specialize in Texas Tech shirts, Lubbock shirts, humor shirts and other school shirts. This would be the place to go if you are looking for something for your school or if you have a humorous design you want printed.

Identity Marketing Solutions is a shirt printing company that offers branded apparel, promotional items for your business, commercial and business printing, custom web design and logo design. They do restaurant apparel as well as many other things.

Integri Tees is a shirt printing company that strives to be the best in screen printing for schools, businesses, social clubs, non-profit organizations and churches. Like some other shirt printing companies, Integri Tees lets you proof the final product through email before completing the shirt printing.

This is extremely important in picking a shirt printing company anywhere. Even if you trust the person doing it, you cannot be safe that something will not happen and your product will not turn out how you want it. The best way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to proof it once or twice before it is finally printed. Integri Tees was established in 2003 by a man wanting to build a shirt printing company that would be great and have affordable prices. Thus far his dream is coming true!

Integri Tees also tells you how they determine the price of their service; type of apparel, number of colors you want to be used and the quantity of items you want. You can request a price quote from them and they respond within 24 hours which is pretty good compared to most.

Another Lubbock shirt printing company is Advanced Graphix. They have many services including shirt printing. You can give your own design or they can do it for you. They have an artist that will create exactly what you want if you are not capable of producing the design yourself. You can contact them and request a free quote on the service you need.

Spotted Lizard Printing & Graphics is a customer service oriented shirt printing company that offers apparel and accessories with competitive pricing and quality. They offer a variety of fonts and clipart unless you want to submit your own design and writing for your shirt. They are located in Lubbock and are one of Lubbock’s many shirt printing companies.

Whether you want to go to one of these companies or maybe start your own, you now have options of places to visit. You’ll want to be sure to ask any and all questions you can think of.

If you are considering starting your own shirt printing company in Lubbock, remember to figure out what your competition has and how you could do it better. Whatever they don’t have, maybe you can offer those services.