Tips For Running While It’s Raining

Tips For Running While It’s Raining

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Have you ever tried running while it is raining? Wouldn’t it be an awesome experience to be jogging while raining! Yes, running in rain can be so much fun! However, you will be surprised to find out that there are so many ways to gear up for wet weather runs. So, here are a few tips for running in your best ready-to-get-wet running apparel.

Dress Up in Layers Of Clothing

Should it be cold and raining, you might need to dress up in a couple of layer clothes and the most important is the first layer or that layer which is next to your skin. When running, make sure that you are going to wear a polypropylene or CoolMax. Why? This is because such type of garment has the ability to wick away perspiration and therefore, eliminate that feeling of stickiness and wetness. Otherwise, if you decide to use a running gear that does not wick away wetness, you should expect to shiver and feel cold while you run.

This is the reason why you should make it a point to wear a wind-breaker and water-resistant jacket in one as part of your running apparel especially so when it is raining. However, you have to avoid wearing a water-resistant rain slicker as it tends to trap moisture and heat which might eventually lead you to some serious health problems if you continue running on these apparels.

Put On A Hat While You Run

Running while it is raining can be fun yet also be a little bit dangerous. That is why you should make sure you have a hat with you while you run. That way, it will keep the rain from your face and eliminate your chances of tripping or stumbling while on the tracks.

Do Not Overdo Your Running Attire

One of the most common mistakes of a runner is wearing more layers than he should. Did you know they will not really keep you dry after all? Yes, only if you wear an umbrella over your head while you run will you never get soaked up with rainwater. And the thicker layers you have, the more you will get wet. And running will become very difficult for all those wet and very heavy clothes on you. The secret is always dress for the temperature of the day. Check the weather before deciding on what to wear for running.

Be Noticeable To Stay Safe

It would be very helpful for a runner to choose an outer layer of running clothes that will show reflective strips or that are brightly colored. That way, though the rain might be going down your face and sometimes give you poor visibility, you will be sure to avoid getting into accidents.

Don’t Mind The Rain, Simply Run And Run!

Yes, runners say the most interesting part of running is when the rain is just about to start. Why? Because the moment you start running, tendency is your body warms up and eventually will enjoy the run despite the rains. One thing good about it is that it gives you the kind of preparation you need for your competitions.

Keep Your Shoes In Shape

After finishing from a wet run, immediately remove your shoes for running and fill them up with crumpled newspaper rolled into balls. Doing this will guarantee keeping your shoes in tip-top shape, not to mention drawing the moisture or wetness away from those wet and sloppy running shoes.