Yoga Clothing

Yoga Clothing

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Have you ever reached the point of converging fashion with exercise? Nowadays, you can see a lot of that facet such as the collaboration of famous athletic brand Nike with renowned garment designer Stella McCartney. If you look into the current niche of this primordial religious practice that originated from India, you can really say that it has been brought to higher heights commercially. One of the overt aspects is yoga clothing.

Yoga clothing actually spells simplicity. A complete set only consists of pants and tops because the shoes are not considered to be entirely necessary. When you take a trip down the memory lane, you will discover that the people who have been carefully observing this ancient spiritual routine were all on bare foot. Wearing something for the feet is a relatively new progress specially created for performing the variety of asanas outdoors.

There are six different companies featured that produce yoga clothing namely New Balance, Danskin, BaliDog, Titlenine and Marika Group.

New Balance highlights a fabric called “Lighting Dry” that keeps the person snug even after a long period of profuse sweating. When you visit, you can find items that have been intended to support, breathe and stretch. The facets will then allow the individual to reap the rewards of carrying out the primordial religious practice. New Balance also has line from Susan Kromen dubbed as “Pink Ribbon” which seeks to honor patients that have survived from breast cancer.

BaliDog thrives on the concept, “wearable art that speaks of the spirit.” This corporation is based in Brazil where all their yoga clothing is manually painted by the native women. When you visit, you will understand that every time you purchase from them, you are helping in raising the standards of living of ladies in the third world country. BaliDog have pants ranging from $60 and up, tops ranging from $50 and up and tops ranging from $60 and up.

Marika Group showcases two different editions of apparel in executing the ancient spiritual routine, “Balance Collection” and “Shiva Shakti.” When you visit, you will obtain advices and tips from well- trained instructors. “Balance Collection” has tops that range from $40 and up while the bottoms range from $30 and up. “Shiva Shakti” has tops that range from $40 and up while the bottoms range from $60 and up. Marika Group was established in the market since 1982.