So Many Choices For Your Flame Resistant Work Wear

So Many Choices For Your Flame Resistant Work Wear

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As a professional worker, you know that safety is often the key between a good job and a deadly job.
Having the appropriate flame resistant work wear is one way to keep it safe by staying out of “hot” water – so to speak. There are many styles, choices, and designs specifically designed to appeal to the majority of reasons and whys a person may need such working attire.

There are so many reasons the professional man or woman may find it beneficial to have flame resistant work wear. The main consideration is the need, and of course, nothing best the most superior quality will suffice. With high quality you are guaranteed a work day were you rest assured you are safe and secure.

What names are there to consider when looking for high quality flame resistant work wear?

· Carhartt Flame Resistant Work Wear – This is one company that has a name and reputation for providing high quality working attire at affordable rates. Carhartt has a reputation in the industry that is second to none, and when the working class man or woman demand the best there is, the first name is often Carhartt.

· Excel FR / Excel FR Comfortouch – Excel FR has a couple of lines of flame resistant work wear for the professional wanting the everyday look of shirts and blouses with the added touch of bring fireproof. A very affordable solution.

· Nomex IIIA / Nomex Blend / Nomex® AP –This is another company specializing in the everyday look and feel with the added bonus you need. There are some very fashionable and stylish additions offered by the Nomex family of styles.

· FR Hi-Visibility / FR Hi-Visibility Rainwear – Both of these lines are great for those needing high visibility or increased visibility due to workplace conditions which often means these are great for construction workers or road crews. The tradition yellow vest is offered by this high quality working attire designer.

· Firewear / PBI Gold – These are two working apparel designers offering a line of fire resistance materials for everyday work shirts. These are stylish and often comfortable. However, when you need the added bonus, these shirts can save lives.

· Molten Metal Protection – There are often times men and women work around molten metal. Molten metal protection is vital. Even a splash can cause possibly fatal reactions. These molyen metal protection shirts are ideal for the man or woman working around a lot of hot metal.

· FR Disposables – Sometimes, having the FR apparel is great, and having disposable is even better. These are extremely cheap FR clothing perfect for any day or any use. These are awesome, safe, and easy to clean! Just toss in the appropriate disposal bin.

When you work near fire or molten metal, flame resistant work wear is a necessity. Whether you choose Carhartt, Excel, Nomex, FR, Firewear, PBI Gold, Molten Metal Protection, or FR disposables, you will be making an invest in not only your work but your life as well. After all, how much is your life worth? Buy protection to protect your most valuable asset – you.