Crystal Shirts

Crystal Shirts

I Know I Ride Like An Old Man Try To Keep Up Biker T-shirt Design
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The crystal’s popularity has hit the roof; they no longer just dominate the traditional crystal chandeliers, home accents, jewelry, and gift items, but they have reached the fashion runways, glittering their way through clothes, shoes, and bags.
Crystal vogue has become one of the top favorites of designers all over the world, and has shined their way through glamour and prestige.

Crystal shirts are one of the most wanted of clothing crystal trends for women; turning simple signature shirts into glimmering works of fashion that attracts almost every person who’s into the elegance of these stunning sparklers. Most crystal shirts in the market today can be personalized and ordered according to preferred designs and colors. Some would buy plain signature shirts and have them crafted with crystals such as Swarovski crystals or rhinestones. Other signature crystal shirts are authentically designed with crystals and given that stylish look by well-known manufacturers. Here are some dazzling finds of crystal shirts out in the market today:

Bejeweled White Crystal Henley
This crystal shirt is another wonderful product from Bejeweled Henley. This white, long-sleeved-ribbed Henley has separated cuffs at the end of the sleeves and accentuated seam around the neck line. The buttons for the opening along the front are beautiful, large crystallized jewels. The shirt is made of 100% cotton.
Price: $82.00

Poker Diva Shirt in Swarovski Crystals at Just Jen
These very stylish crystal shirts have a Poker written in a cursive lettering with an outline Spade in black diamond crystals behind. These shirts will set the right attitude for any given Poker night. These fitted shirts are manufactured by American Apparel, with extra high-yarn count stretches to preserve the garment’s shape. All shirts are overstated with Swarovski’s New Xillion stone, the only crystal with fourteen features to shine with extra flicker.
Price: $34.90

Crystal Pony Hope Tee by Ralph Lauren
These crystal shirts are a dazzling array of miniature Swarovski crystals arranged to create a polo player at the center of this sexy tee, fashioned from the silky mercerized cotton for a soft luxurious hand. These tees come in colors of white, resort orange, lipstick pink, cruise green, and Caribbean.
Price: $298.00

Celebrity Diva T-shirt Studded with Swarovski Crystals
This crystal shirt is an Americana Couture Original, with a bold and beautiful statement of style and trend. This celebrity studded one of a kind tee shimmers with Austrian crystal, featuring up to three hundred Austrian Crystals, with 12 cut faceted Austrian Crystals reflecting the dazzling prisms of light. This elegant piece is perfect for any occasion.
Price: $500.00 (regular) Special Offer: $2499.99 at Luxestar Apparel LLC

If you’re a crystal fashion aficionado, get into the groove, sparkle and dazzle into one of these much loved crystal fashion boom, the crystal shirts craze.