The Future of Racquetball

The Future of Racquetball

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Fitness clubs became trendier during the 1990s. Many fitness clubs have started offering and including racquetball courts in their facilities. Since then, the sport has become more popular. Racquetball was featured in the Olympic Festival in the US. There are talks that racquetball would be cited and included as an Olympic competition or event in the future.

In the 1950s, racquetball equipments were prototyped with those used by American tennis player Joe Sobek. Through the years, racquets (which are bigger than usual squash racquets) used in playing racquetball have become more advanced. Manufacturers and designers have developed racquets made of lighter and more durable materials. Players could easily get custom grips. There are even vibration dampeners that facilitate better performance. Beginners could buy good racquets for as low as $20. Meanwhile, customized and advanced racquets could reach as high as $300.

There is no need for other equipment just to play racquetball. There is a need to wear proper eye protection. There are balls that are specifically and specially designed for the sport. You could play wearing just ordinary shorts and t-shirts. If you want you could also invest in apparel made of special materials to keep sweat away from your skin and make you feel cooler and drier as you play. Of course, in the future, it is expected that more of such products would be offered in the market.

Are you particular about shoes to wear for playing racquetball? There are court shoes that are commercially available to help players get appropriate footing on the floor of the court. Racquetball gloves are available with designs that could help players keep grip on the racquet. Such accessories would be very helpful in playing the sport well.

More and more fitness clubs are offering and facilitating racquetball. This is an acknowledgement to the fact that more sports aficionados are getting into the sport. There are now special courts for playing the ballgame and you could find them in many venues. Needless to say, the number of tournaments for racquetball is growing. Many instructors and mentors are offering services as guides to playing the ballgame.

Racquetball is growing in popularity. Its history is continuously being shaped. The game could be considered still relatively new. Experts assert that more changes and improvements could be expected ahead. As mentioned, some fanatics like to expect the inclusion of the game to the Olympics in the future. There are now several televised racquetball events aired on sports television. There could be more in the coming years.

If you are truly interested in playing the sport, you could check out the enticing equipment deals that are available online. There are even instructional videos and books available to help everyone who is interested to learn about the fundamentals as well as other insights and tips regarding racquetball. The sport is widely popular across North America and Europe. Many people from other continents are now starting to gain more interest about racquetball. No wonder, more people are expected to play the game in the future.