Golf Apparel Buying Tips

Golf Apparel Buying Tips

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Here are some buying tips for wet season golf gears:

1. Waterproof trousers and jackets. When heavy rain comes, waterproof gears will protect your body from being wet, making sure that you remain totally dry under your trousers and jacket.

Goretex is the material commonly used for such waterproof gears and the most effective and efficient waterproofing material available. It uses an absorbent film either in between textile layers or sealed to a layer. The film openings are tiny enough to keep out water, but big enough to permit air and water vapor to flow and circulate. This is an advantage when one is playing in lengthy rain periods.

When purchasing a waterproof jacket or pair of trousers you must look for an outerwear that comes with a guarantee. The top manufacturers of waterproof gears offer a guarantee of three years and this can be worth the investment.

2. Rainproof golf gears. These gears are not made with Goretex but are usually made from Teflon treated fabric, which has the tendency to hold water from passing through for only a certain period, and will permit air to pass through and may draw liquid through the fabric on long rain exposures.

Lightweight and not so expensive compared to waterproof gears, this is perfect when one plays in short rain showers.

3. Windproof. It is constructed to stop the wind. This is an effective option when one is playing in windy climates. Certain types of windproof gears are likewise Teflon treated offering a minor level of resistance to water, but are not intended to be used in rainy weather. Cheaper than rainproof or water proof gears, they can be a warm alternative to use for cold climates.

Types of golf clothing

1. Jacket. This is very important to keep the golfers upper body warm, dry and still preserve the space so as to swing with flexibility. This is essential when choosing a jacket that is comfortable to wear, looks good and most importantly that allows you to swing well while wearing it.

Choose a jacket that is comfortable, and practice your swings with the jacket on, to insure playability.

2. Trousers. Always put on the trousers and practice it for swings, making sure that you are comfortable with it, as well as able to move about freely. Make sure that it is made of a fiber that is easy to wash and care for.

3. Shirts. Like any type of clothing, be sure to try it on before buying. Make sure that you are comfortable with the material, that it is breathable and the fit allows you to move easily.

Choosing your golf apparel can be a lot of fun. Be careful though, and make sure that all your outfits do match. Choose earth tone colors to play safe. Enjoy shopping!