Excel FR Jeans: Protection In Hazardous Conditions

Excel FR Jeans: Protection In Hazardous Conditions

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There are many tasks where something extra is called for. Some professions need something attractive, and some professions need some flame resistant apparel to keep them safe. Excel Flame Resistant FR jeans just happen to be both attractive and flame resistant, and the world has definitely learned to appreciate those safety pants. Bulwark is the material used to produce this high quality, protection clothing, and the reputation offered by Bulwark is second to none when it comes to providing fire protection in and around the workplace.

Excel FR jeans are a much needed commodity for people working within many hazardous conditions. Chemical spills, FR apparel, and rainwear are all popular lines of apparel offered in that Bulwark fabric that is so popular. This lightweight, comfortable material is great for any day when something extra is needed.

What can you get when you purchase Excel FR jeans? Here are a few examples of popular pants for either men or women.

Men’s 12.5 ounce denim jeans – These are an exceptional pair of pants for men needing a lightweight, protective pair of pants. You get a multitude of styles, sizes, and colors to choose from so you are sure to find the one that is perfect for you and your career. Another benefit of these denim pants is that you will find you have a comfortable fit that is the best in the industry. For the ultimate fit, you can even have these altered to the appropriate hem length.

Men’s 14.75 ounce prewashed pants – Sometimes you may simply need something heavier for your work apparel. This offers stronger protective from fire and heat, and you will discover that the stone washed look is simply a wonderful addition to anyone’s wardrobe. The belt loops are double stitched to offer extra support, or utilize the thick waistband to utilize your favorite pair of suspenders for a worry free day. The prewashed pants are also popular because they are simply a better fit where you do not worry about possible shrinkage.

Men’s 14.75 ounce prewashed denim dungaree – These are the same great quality and the same superb comfort factor, but you also have added pocket space making these Excel FR jeans a versatile and functional pair of pants. These are a combination of carpenter pants and painter’s pants with plenty of pocket space and loops to allow you to carry your work with you with relative ease. The extra heavy duty fabric gives you simply more protection for those hot days at the foundry.

Women’s 14.75 ounce prewashed denim pants – Yes, even women work in harsh conditions, and that means she has a need for work wear pants that will fit her specific body shape. These are an affordable solution with everything a woman needs to perform her best. These are as rugged as she is, and when you give your all, you will discover that you get your all from these superiorly constructed pants. You can work worry free with these prewashed pants because they will not shrink when laundered.

You can trust Excel FR jeans because more professional men and women prefer the choice offered by this highly protective and professional pants constructed with the expertise you deserve.