Service In Style: Career Clothing For Hospitality Workers

Service In Style: Career Clothing For Hospitality Workers

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Working in an industry such as hospitality would require you to have uniforms. Although some would think this as a bummer, don’t be sad just yet. Career clothing for hospitality workers are not like any other uniforms. These could be different since they can come in style. In fact, the category of hospitality apparel is very interesting, especially if you keep a sharp eye on the different uniforms of different companies.

Although clothing pieces would generally vary depending on your kind of work, there are still some that are popular among different positions. Here are some of the common pieces that you could wear to provide service to your guests in fashion.

Serving Gloves

This is usually a pair of white cotton gloves that is worn by waiters and waitresses or anyone else in the position who would be serving food. Other than looking good, gloves are one symbol of sanitary cleanliness among the working place. This means that the hotel or the facility is mindful about their service and cleanliness.

Junior Cord Housekeeping Dress

This is basically the customary blue dress with a white apron that has trims. This dress is a staple among the housekeeping department and is a traditional piece accepted as modest apparel for housekeeping. It is also a favourite piece for lots of women in this kind of work. Dresses like these are also easy to launder because of the fabric they are made from.


You can see this piece worn by both men and women. This is most likely a staple if you’ll be working in cafe’s, restaurants, and other food oriented establishments. Although it may be a simple piece to look at, it is actually one of the most important piece of apparel for hospitality workers in the food industry. This is mainly because of its functionality and helpfulness in regard to the nature of their job.

There are different kinds of aprons. You would normally see men wearing the big ones while women wear the small skirt-like ones, which are called tea aprons. Tea aprons are very popular among maids or housekeepers too. Aprons may come in different colors and designs. It basically depends on the company you are working for.

Chef Coats

This is yet another staple in chef uniforms. They usually come in different colors. The most popular are white, black and dark blue. There is a conventional style and designs would generally vary on their trimmings and color combinations. However, the cloth used would be a big factor on how good or bad a chef coat is, since the kitchen could be a pretty hot place to be.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are one way to look professional in a not so formal setting. These can be worn by both men and women. These are perfect for cruise ship workers, since it provides both comfort and flexibility. They also come in different colors and usually have the company’s name or logo embroidered in one of the front pockets.


These are popular for those working in a very formal setting or event. Waiters and attendants in hotels are usually spotted wearing these. Black is the popular color. The overall look highly depends on the trimming or added accent with the suit. Both men and women could wear this too.