Instant Protection With Fr Disposables

Instant Protection With Fr Disposables

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There are situations where you may need to have flame protective apparel for a one time use for such things as visitors, guests, or just to wear once.
This means you may not want the expense of purchasing a full set of flame resistant apparel. This is where FR Disposables comes into play!

Yes, you can have the flame resistance you want with a price that cannot be beat. You also get flame resistant apparel you just wear and dispose of when you are finished. Nothing could be easier or more cost effective.

You need to prevent contaminant soiling, and you need to protect your other apparel. When you need both of those qualities, you need the exceptional quality and protection offered by FR Disposables.

What makes FR Disposables so special?

One word – Bulwark!

Bulwark is a material that is used to make some of the best fire resistance work wear on the market today. This special blend of material is not cheap by any means, but when you are investing into your future – literally – the price is well justified. Additionally, you will find Bulwark last a long time meaning while it is not cheap it is extremely cost effective.

These FR Disposables are unlined meaning they are light weight, comfortable, and protective. There is nothing quite like these exceptional examples of flame resistant apparel.

Lets take a look at a few of the styles you have to choose from.

FR Disposables Hooded Flame Resistant Coveralls

These protective suits are protection from head to foot. You have a cover to keep your head safe, and the cuff at the bottom hems means you keep your feet and legs safe. These are not form fitting, but instead depend on the baggy factor. The cuffed wrists mean you have the much needed extra layer of protection between you and your hot environment. Perfect for guests or visitors needing protection.

FR Disposables Flame Resistant Coverall / No Hood

Sometimes you need the protection with the hood. These are perfect when you expect the protection and security but the hood is not necessary. You save money, and you have the protective apparel needed for immediate and temporary clothing. This work wear is great, and you will find that one size fits most. The closures are cool to the touch, and these are also water resistant.

FR Chemical Splash and Flame Resistant Coveralls

If you work around chemicals, and you have visitors or the need for temporary protection, these are perfect. Designed to withstand the majority of chemicals, you will be protected easily and when you are done, just dispose of them accordingly. There are hood / no hood options for you to choose from and you can have cuffs or no cuffs. Yes, you get to choose what you need without the extra expenses.

When you trust Bulwark, you will find your day is just a bit easier. Have a stock of these on hand to get the best benefit. You can easily restock as the supply goes down, and then you are always ready for the unexpected.