Electrical Clothing Is Not Dangerous

Electrical Clothing Is Not Dangerous

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The first electric motorcycle vests made an appearance in 1971. But they are yet to become a rage because most riders suffer from electrocution fears. They would rather brave the cold than put on electrical clothing. This is a most unfortunate psychology. The riders must realize that the electrical clothing is wired by 12-volt charge. It is not strong enough to give them a shock, far less a fatal one.

There are some riders who fear that the electrical apparel will drain away too much amperage. This too is a misconception because electrical apparel uses too little power to affect any of the normal motorcycle functions.

These two are the main reasons why most riders avoid using electrical apparel. But there are some who take pride in their physical well being. To them it is an anathema to wear artificially heated clothes. They love to ride out in the cold in normal winter wear.

There is nothing wrong in such an attitude. You can surely avoid electrical clothing if you feel that your body is strong enough to resist even the bitterest cold weather. However, you must remember that electrical clothing can surely improve your riding experience by keeping your torso warm.

Today, manufacturers not only sell electrical vests but also jackets that have an electrical lining on the sleeves and the inside. The heat generated by such clothing increases the body temperature not only in the torso region where the vital organs are located but also keeps the fingers and toes warm.

Almost every rider knows how difficult it is to control a bike once the fingers go numb. Even the best of winter gloves can’t stop the chill creeping into the fingers, and slowing down a rider’s responses. This is where electrical clothing can prove very useful.

A good practice when wearing electrical vests is to wear it on top of a full-sleeved cotton shirt. This will ensure that the electrical vest does not touch the body. Also, the heat that is generated is retained by the cotton liner, and does not get dissipated.

The only danger of electrical clothing is that you may get too used to it. Even in moderate conditions you would like to put on your electrical vest. This is not a good practice. Like warm clothes, electrical clothing should be used to ward off cold. The body should not be made dependent on artificial heat sources.