Make Sure You get your Birthday Party Known With a Screen Printed T-shirt

Make Sure You get your Birthday Party Known With a Screen Printed T-shirt

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Everyone knows that if you want to get your birthday party known, you must send out invitations. Whether you are looking to have a small intimate gathering or a huge bash, invitations are essential to getting the word out when and where the party will be. But why not mix things up a little bit and send your invites on custom screen printed t-shirts.

Using a tee shirt as an invitation is a creative way to make sure your birthday party is the best of the year.And invited guest will know you mean business with lots of fun. Simple invitations by cards are boring, repetitive, and far from unique. Nobody saves invitations by card, but sending out an invitation that is on a tee shirt gives all of the guests a souvenir.

Aside from being a very unique and exciting invite, it can also allow you to set up what type of event will entail. With basic invitations it is hard to fit in everything that will take place. Typically there is only room for the time, date and location of the party. But on the unique invitation, there is much more room to fit all of the details on the shirt.

If you are going to have a band, put on the screen printing tee shirt who will be performing. If there will be a barbecue and games, entice people to come with these details. But most importantly, make sure that it is known that you are the birthday girl or birthday boy and this is a special day that you deserve.

Tee shirts also allow you to be far more creative than a simple invitation by card. If there is going to be a band performing at your birthday party, put a picture of the band on the shirt with their logo. If you are looking to have a beach themed party, create a shirt full of color with palm trees and waves to create the fun.

You probably think that having custom tee shirts made just for a birthday party is going to be expensive, but that is where you are wrong. Screen printing tee shirts are extremely cheap at and are less expensive the more you purchase. It is a deal that nobody can pass up making it a no brainer decision to send off your very own birthday invitations on a tee shirt.

How often do you receive birthday invites on tee shirts? Probably never. And that is exactly why you want to make your birthday one to remember with a custom tee shirt invitation.