Snow Skiing Apparel

Snow Skiing Apparel

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There is more to snow skiing apparel than fashion.
Or to put it in a slightly different context, just because you look good in certain winter clothes does not mean it’s practical.

You probably know this already. Still, the importance of having the right snow skiing apparel cannot be emphasized more, because once you are out there, you never know what’s going to happen. It never hurts to be prepared.

So when you shop for snow skiing apparel for your next ski trip, keep in mind the following questions:

1. Do you perspire a lot when exerting yourself physically?
2. Where do you intend to go on your next ski trip? (Consider the climate).
3. How much are willing to spend for your snow skiing apparel?
4. Will you be able to use your snow skiing apparel for purposes other than skiing?

After answering the above questions, you can then proceed to the three most important points in shopping for snow skiing apparel – that is, the layers of clothing involved. There are usually three – the base layer, insulating later, and the element layer. You need to address all three layers in order to come up with a snow skiing apparel that can protect you from the harsh weather.

Base Layer

This actually addresses the first question: whether or not you perspire a lot. If you answered “yes,” then you need a base layer that can wick moisture away from the body at a speedy rate. The ideal material to use is polypropylene, not cotton. Because cotton only absorbs moisture, which means the moisture remains pressed against your body. Polypropylene, on the other hand, can wick away the moisture, leaving you dry and ultimately more comfortable.

Insulating Layer

The importance of the insulating layer is to keep your body warm despite the cold weather around you. In this regard, this can be considered as the most important layer in your snow skiing apparel. Choose a material that can keep heat in while letting moisture out. The best example for this is fleece, which is actually a form of polypropylene.

Element Layer

While the element layer provides little insulation, it, however, serves a dual purpose. It keeps you dry and windproof. The most common type of element clothes is a shell jacket. It involves several technical features, such as hoods, snow cuff, powder skirt, a high quantity of pockets, etc., that are very practical for a skier or an outdoors person.

When choosing this portion of your snow skiing apparel, be sure to select the one that suits your needs. Get the shell jacket that can offer you the best protection – one that can keep you dry and shelter you from the wind.